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Duacode joins the “Hi” project

Grupo Comar > Duacode joins the “Hi” project
duacode se traslada a hi
  • A Coruña-based technology company Duacode joins “Hi”. located next to Palexco.
  • We continue with “Hi People”, a series of video interviews to welcome all the companies and projects that Hi Coruña will host.
  • Álvaro Enríquez, CEO of Duacode, explains that “The main motivation for being one of the first companies to set up here is above all the ecosystem that can be formed in Hi, with different product and service companies in the same space, from the same sector and with the same idea. Many synergies and new projects can emerge here”.

Duacode, the technology company from A Coruña specialized in software design with a special focus on user experience, moves its headquarters to the new digital hub Hi, which will open its doors next to Palexco in the middle of the seafront and in the center of the city.

We continue the series of video interviews of “Gente Hi” with Álvaro, CEO of Duacode. This company is focused on strategy, design and development of digital products, especially custom software, focused on user experience. It was born 12 years ago and currently employs 30 people at its headquarters in A Coruña. Now, they join Hi with the opportunity and the purpose of contributing and creating community and new business synergies in this new digital ecosystem that is being generated.

“We are a very proactive company that is not afraid to try new things and to keep growing. We believe that being in Hi is going to give us tools that we didn’t have in our previous facilities; we are coming to a better office than we had before. That’s going to help people feel like coming to work at our company. Hi has to be a space where people come wanting to contribute, whoever you are and whatever size you are,” says Álvaro Enríquez.

With this information, Hi encourages other companies in the sector to set up offices in front of the sea and in the center of A Coruña. With the aim of creating a digital ecosystem in the city where all companies can collaborate and contribute their innovation.

A multidisciplinary space by the sea

‘Hi’ is a meticulously designed project aimed at providing effective solutions for digital businesses and their environment, with a focus on people. The ecosystem, located right in the center of A Coruña, will be equipped with various spaces to encourage synergies, knowledge exchange, and ultimately, the development of ideas.

It will do so under the philosophy of a ‘hub,’ a type of infrastructure that brings together companies under the same paradigm or territory, fostering innovation, regional stability, talent retention, among other factors. Numerous Galician companies have already shown interest in establishing themselves there.

With this project, Grupo Comar reaffirms its commitment to the economic development of A Coruña, promoting innovation and working towards establishing A Coruña as a digital benchmark, in line with the technological projects the city has undertaken in recent times.

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