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Leisure, fun, entertainment and chance… these are the key components of our “Comar Enjoy Playing” gambling halls. A different concept for understanding leisure: zoning of spaces, collection of machines per type, exchange self-service presence of the latest developments: sports, abilities and skills, combinations and bets.

Qualified staff, up-to-date information and individual care. Modern and attractive facilities and a great brand image.

Comar Enjoy Playing is a bet on quality leisure, by fun through gambling and all of it under the branding of services of a business that is constantly growing, whose aim is to look for FUN.

Gambling halls
Comar oferta recreativa

Extensive recreational offer

Recreational machines, gambling in all formats and prizes, sports betting, roulette, interconnection systems (Jackpot)… Our proposal is extensive, always looking for the latest developments and the widest variety on the market.

Comar calidad

Confidence and guarantee

In all of our gambling halls, we bet on safe and standardised systems that are reliable and designed to satisfy the needs of customers at all times.

Comar coctel

Complete experiences

Comar gambling halls have parking services, bars, specific areas for following the events, exchange terminals or vending systems for an experience of complete leisure.

Our gambling halls in Spain

Sala de máquinas de juego Comar

Large variety of machines


Comar, Ruleta



Comar, Apuestas deportivas

Sports betting


Comar, últimas novedades

Latest developments


Comar, Sistema de interconexión, jackpot

Interconnection/ Jackpot system


Comar, Personal experto orientado hacia el cliente

Expert staff focused on the customer


Comar, Cafetería

Bar service



Zoning of the offer


Comar, Zona específica seguimiento de eventos

Specific areas for following events


Comar, Instalaciones confortables

Comfortable facilities


Comar, Garantía y fiabilidad

Good surroundings


Comar, Sistemas de seguridad y control

Safety and control systems


Parking Comar

Car parks


Comar, Amplio horario

Extensive opening hours


Comar, Prensa