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With Comar operators you will have a complete service available for your recreational and gambling machines. We offer recreational machines, games of chance, sports betting and the exclusive Jackpot Galicia prize system.

We run an operation aimed at defining the most appropriate machines for your type of business and, additionally, we take care of adapting it to the characteristics of your customers and the location they are found in.

In this line, in Comar we make an effort to take care of the close relationship with our clients throughout the process. From the moment the machines are installed, you will have an extensive permanent assistance service available which includes technical support, logistics services and technical and economic follow-up, at the same time as the necessary administrative support so that you can get up-to-date information about the results.

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Comar Asesoría Comercial

Commercial assessment

A team of assessors will guide you when choosing the most appropriate machines for your type of customers and business. We offer technical and logistical support for any need that arises.

Comar Premios Exclusivos

Exclusive prizes

Jackpot Galicia: Additional prizes along with the ones from the machine and without lowering the percentage of prizes in it.

Comar Seguimiento Constante

Continuous follow-up

We carry out a continuous technical and economic follow-up so that you have all the information regarding the results and your machine is always up to date.

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