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New corporate identity of Grupo Comar: much more than leisure

New corporate identity of Grupo Comar: much more than leisure
  • Grupo Comar was founded in 1984 as a company linked to leisure and tourism.
  • New corporate identity seeks to convey its main corporate values: evolution, value, trust, differentiation and unity among all the companies that are part of the project.


A redesign that began in 2018

GRUPO COMAR launches a corporate image, thus continuing with a renovation that began in 2018, with the updating of some of the company’s logos and which has culminated in 2022 with a redesign of the company at the top of the group.

This new identity reflects the modernity and evolution of Comar, two aspects that currently identify the Galician company, and that at the same time convey the trust and value that they have been achieving since its foundation in 1984.

With 9 casinos in Spain, 14 abroad, 8 bingo halls, 18 lounges and operators in 3 autonomous communities, Conference Centers and Event Venues, shows at the Opera Palace, culture with Exhibition Halls, car parks and real estate; Diversification is one of Grupo Comar’s hallmarks, which has allowed it to navigate a constant process of expansion into new markets worldwide.

This diversification has been conveyed in the new corporate image of the group that, with the set of circles around the C, brings together the large number of companies of different sizes that make it up, as an umbrella brand of a perfect gear within the company.

That same C has been used as an isotype, giving a differentiating touch that, over time and use, will respond as an identifier by itself.

Se mantiene el mismo color oscuro que ha caracterizado a Comar desde hace años, aportando un degradado con un efecto más limpio y actual.

Specialists in leisure and tourism

El Grupo de empresas Comar surge de la vocación de innovar en las áreas donde desarrolla su actividad. Con una fuerte presencia en el sector del ocio, turismo y cultura, actividades que están en el origen del Grupo. La experiencia, conocimiento y un gran equipo humano, le han permitido conseguir niveles de calidad excelente en el servicio y la atención, lo que le la ha posicionado como el referente del ocio orientado al cliente, principal filosofía de la compañía.

With all this, not only has the corporate identity been updated, but the renewed brand also incorporates a slogan, which has evolved from its previous “much more than game”, to the new “much more than leisure” that expands its field of action and thus encompasses all the companies that are part of it, beyond the game.

Comar’s new corporate identity, created entirely by the company’s marketing and design department, was born with the aim of lasting over time, beyond any temporary changes that might arise, and allowing the addition, in the future, new activities, services or lines of business.

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