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AparcaT supports the Coruña hospitality with free parking tickets

Comar Group > AparcaT supports the Coruña hospitality with free parking tickets

With the aim of supporting the hospitality sector, Grupo Comar is launching an initiative in the Parking AparcaT area, consisting of giving away 30 minute tickets in the Cantones and Palexco car parks to the hospitality establishments that continue working as “take away”.

The business adhering to this initiative will be able to distribute these discount tickets among customers who are going to pick up an order and need to park quickly and for free, ensuring that consumers of these establishments can forget dealing with parking and find it “more attractive” idea of ​​looking for food on the establishment, thus promoting its business appeal.

Those establishments located in the area of ​​influence of these two car parks in the city can request their tickets by sending an email to info@parkingaparca.com with the subject “Support for the hospitality industry”.

This promotion will be valid until November 30.

Dozens of establishments have already joined the initiative that was launched on November 24, and we hope that many more will benefit from this support.

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