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After the change that took place in APARCAT’S corporate identity and identification in recent months in terms of logos, facilities and systems, it is a pleasure for us to communicate that we have launched a website with the aim of completing the digital presence of our APARCAT car parks.

Under the url www.parkingaparca.com all relevant information from our car parks is brought together at the same meeting point.

In it, the user can find information on each of our car parks:

Parking Cantones in A Coruña

Palexco Parking in A Coruña

Opera Parking in A Coruña

Parking Maestranza in A Coruña

Parking Betanzos in Betanzos

Camelias Parking in Vigo

Parking Royal Vigo in Vigo

Users will be able to find information about locations, number of places, services, prices, rentals, promotions, contact information, photographs, etc; all at the click of a button from any mobile device.

The predominant color throughout the web is blue, following the line of the rest of the Grupo Comar companies, accompanied in this case by green and coral, the other two colors defined in the new brand image of AparcaT.

For more information about our car parks, you can write to us at info@parkingaparca.com or call 981 18 00 00.

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