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“Gambling Business Association of Galicia” (ASEJUGA) is constituted.

“Gambling Business Association of Galicia” (ASEJUGA) is constituted.

The main groups of the sector in Galicia, Luckia and Comar, promote a new transversal association.

The two main gambling firms in Galicia, represented by their respective Presidents, José González and José Collazo, are the promoters of ASEJUGA, an association that, in the words of its promoters, seeks to bring together and unify in a single cross-sectional association all the operators of the face-to-face gambling sector in Galicia, whether they are gambling casinos, bingo halls, recreational and gambling machine operators and sports betting operators.

In the words of the Presidents of the co-founding groups “The creation of this new association is necessarily open to all recreational and gambling entrepreneurs in Galicia, whatever their size and the subsector in which they operate. We do not intend to replace other Associations that currently represent in Galicia which we deeply respect and whose work is commendable, but it is necessary at this time, in which a new Xogo Law is also being processed that contains a new regulation of the sector, have a single voice that represents us and defends us all for the development of our companies and job creation. That is why we invite all the gambling operators in Galicia to join it ”.

Luckia and Comar decided to carry out this initiative in view of the existing vacuum in Galicia of having a single Association that integrates all entrepreneurs from the different subsectors of this activity.

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