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Casino Zaragoza reaffirms its commitment to safety against COVID19

casinos > Casino Zaragoza reaffirms its commitment to safety against COVID19
  • Casino Zaragoza has bet since the beginning of the pandemic for a leisure space free of covid and safe for attendees and guests.
  • To date, none of the group’s Casinos have been a source of coronavirus contagion.

Under the slogan “Your safety is ours”, Casino Zaragoza seeks to encourage residents of the area to approach its facilities by offering a safe space in the city center thanks to the measures adopted against Covid-19.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Casino Zaragoza has implemented a very demanding contingency plan that covers all the aspects referred to in the hygienic-sanitary regulations for the prevention of COVID-19 in its premises:

  • Use of protective equipment, such as masks.
  • Compliance with the safety distance.
  • Maximum personal hygiene with the location of disinfection points with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Use of safety screens when necessary.
  • Continuous sanitation of the facilities.

The objective is to continue offering an alternative leisure space free of viruses, which ensures the protection of employees and attendees at all times.

In addition, from now on, Casino Zaragoza has an outdoor terrace ideal for “after work”, with a wide range of cocktails.

To date, none of the Casinos belonging to Grupo Comar have been a source of coronavirus contagion, which they affirm from the company itself, as a “resounding success”, thanks to the measures carried out from the beginning.

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