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The Palacio de la Ópera of A Coruña encourages Safe Culture

Events > The Palacio de la Ópera of A Coruña encourages Safe Culture

From Palacio de la Ópera, measures to help and support a Safe and Responsible Culture are put in place.

From this month of September, all artists and promoters will be able to organize their events in the facilities of the Palacio e la Ópera with all the security guarantees, after the adaptations of the different hygienic and sanitary measures implemented, according to current regulations.

  • Facilities disinfection
  • Marking of safety distances
  • Preparation of a contingency manual
  • Signaling of regulations and protocols
  • Cancellation of alternate seats
  • Disinfectant gel holders
  • Cleaning boosters
  • Human team express training
  • Adequacy of capacity
  • Etc.

These grants will consist of special discounts on the rental of spaces that will reach up to 50%.

This promotion will be valid and will be applicable while the capacity restrictions last.

With this support, it is expected to help the tourism, cultural and music sector to promote activity, as restrictions allow it.

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