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Jackpot Galicia is now stablished in the Galician market as an exclusive and pioneering system that is very successful.

Jackpot Galicia was launched 4 years ago due to the innovative spirit of Grupo Comar and with the technological support of Tecnausa.

It has achieved a resounding success thanks to the guaranteed prizes that the system distributes daily among the more than 2,000 associated establishments, thus providing added value to these operating companies integrated into it.

In the words of the Comar Group, manager and owner of the JACKPOT GALICIA System:

“We are very satisfied with its result, since this peculiar system of Interconnection has distributed nearly 4,000,000 € in more than 5,000 prizes, won by the players who enjoy playing our slots.

JACKPOT GALICIA continues day after day adding new winners.

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