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In Grupo Comar we have launched an ambitious joint project between all the bingo halls and casinos in the group. This project works around a link called “Privilege Card”, a new customer card that aims to reward customers, who can get exclusive benefits and prizes, as well as being recognized as a prefered customer in any of our affiliated establishments.

To start this project we have followed some basic principles that we consider essential for its success:

  • Simplicity: easy understanding and participation
  • Accessibility: Rewards easily reachable.
  • Communication: carried out, directly with the members of the club and, in a general way through a specific website www.tarjetaprivilege.es

Today, this system of rewards is already active in 4 bingo halls and 5 casinos, and by the end of the year, it is expected to operate in 100% of the venues that are part of the Comar Group.

The goal of this proposal is to establish solid links with our clients and to maintain a long-term relationship with them. Through this program we want to express our gratitude of the trust showed in every visit.

In just a month and a half we already have more than 2,500 active members of the club. Acccording to our forecast  we expect to double this figure before the end of the year.

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