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“Hi” welcomes you to its first project: Millo Restaurant

Grupo Comar > “Hi” welcomes you to its first project: Millo Restaurant
  • Millo Restaurant is relocating its premises to ‘Hi’ (Human Intelligence Hub), the first digital hub in A Coruña, located next to Palexco.
  • We launch “Gente Hi”, a series of video interviews to welcome all the companies and projects that Hi Coruña will host.
  • We start with Moncho Méndez, chef of Millo Restaurant, who is moving to Hi. The hub promises to be a center of innovation and growth in the digital field, providing a unique platform for the success of companies and entrepreneurs.

Millo Restaurant, owned by the Coruñan chef Moncho Méndez, will relocate to the facilities of ‘Hi’ (Human Intelligence Hub), the first digital hub in A Coruña, which will open its doors next to Palexco, on the waterfront, and in the city center.

We kick off the “Gente Hi” video interview series with Moncho, who was named Galician Chef of the Year in the latest edition of the Gastronomic Forum in 2022. He assures us that he is very excited about the change: “I see it as an evolution because the concept of Millo will remain the same but in a privileged location. We’re transitioning from a small and intimate space to a more open location, next to the sea and the port, with much more space. The enthusiasm is at its peak,” he says.

With this change, the chef aims to continue in the same direction but with a qualitative leap: “The space at Millo, especially the kitchen, has become small for us, so with this change, we will have more room. I share with ‘Hi’ the local focus, which we will bring to the kitchen to try to be as sustainable as possible and source all our products locally. Also, since we will have the port in front, we will try to pay homage to seafood products,” Moncho Méndez anticipates.

The upcoming relocation of Millo represents the development of the gastronomic aspect of ‘Hi’ (Human Intelligence Hub), an innovative digital hub in the heart of A Coruña. The space, located next to Palexco, boasts panoramic views of the sea and adopts a functional, humanistic, and sustainable approach.

A multidisciplinary space by the sea

‘Hi’ is a meticulously designed project aimed at providing effective solutions for digital businesses and their environment, with a focus on people. The ecosystem, located right in the center of A Coruña, will be equipped with various spaces to encourage synergies, knowledge exchange, and ultimately, the development of ideas.

It will do so under the philosophy of a ‘hub,’ a type of infrastructure that brings together companies under the same paradigm or territory, fostering innovation, regional stability, talent retention, among other factors. Numerous Galician companies have already shown interest in establishing themselves there.

With this project, Grupo Comar reaffirms its commitment to the economic development of A Coruña, promoting innovation and working towards establishing A Coruña as a digital benchmark, in line with the technological projects the city has undertaken in recent times.

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